The Wallace House and Old Dutch Parsonage Association will hold its Annual Meeting on Saturday, November  15, 2014, approximately 3pm.  The brief meeting will immediately follow a program on the colonial bake oven at 2 pm.

Members will receive additional information in the regular mail.  New members will also be welcome at this time.


2013 Annual Meeting of WHODPA

The Queens Rangers”
Saturday, November 23rd, 4pm-6pm 

At the Old Dutch Parsonage, Somerville, New Jersey

The Wallace House and Old Dutch Parsonage Association will host:
Joseph Wroblewski, Ed. D.
Member of the N.J. Historical Commission’s Committee planning for the observance of the 350th Anniversary of the founding of New Jersey.
During the American War of Independence 1775-83 the British Army authorized the raising of a number of regiments from the colonial population who remained loyal to the Crown. Colonel Robert Rogers, a celebrated officer in the earlier French-Indian War, formed the Queen’s Rangers in New York in August 1776. It was named in honor of Queen Charlotte the wife of King George III. Rogers, due to personal problems, resigned and eventually the Regiment came under the command of an Englishman, Major John Simcoe. The Queen’s Rangers fought in the pitched battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth and continued to be engaged in patrols, skirmishes and raids throughout the Delaware Valley from Philadelphia and Bucks County to across the river from Salem in Southern New Jersey; on to Perth Amboy and Springfield in North Jersey.
In 1780 the Rangers were transferred to the Southern Theater of Operations and were present at the British surrender at Yorktown. Following the surrender at Yorktown, the Regiment eventually took up land grants in New Brunswick (Canada) and were later reconstituted to help build what is now Toronto. The Regiment survives today as part of the Canadian military as the Queen’s York Rangers, and is still practicing their original function as a reconnaissance unit. Learning about this unique group of Americans, who remained loyal to the King during the War of Independence, should prove to be both thoughtful and interesting.
A brief business meeting will precede Dr. Wroblewski’s talk.
Members and guests welcome.  Site parking at 71 Somerset Street
New members welcome at this time.


The 2010 Annual Meeting of the Wallace House and the Old Dutch Parsonage Association
convenes on:
Sunday afternoon, November 7th
2:00 pm

At: The Old Dutch Parsonage
Parking at 71 Somerset Street
Somerville, N J.
Current, Former, and New Members Welcome
Brief Business Meeting
Presentation by:
Donald J. Peck, Author of
“A Spirited War: George Washington and the Ghosts of the Revolution in Central New Jersey”

SAVE THE DATE: 2009 Annual Meeting

To all current and former members and contributors to the Wallace House and Old Dutch Parsonage Association (formerly “The Friends of….”) and any individual interested in supporting the sites on Washington Place:

The annual meeting of our membership will be held on:

December 3, 2009

At The Visitor’s Center, 71 Somerset Street, Somerville, NJ

Time: 7:30pm

Those wishing to renew their membership may due so at this time. New members always welcome.